Pre & Post Construction

CCleaning a construction site differs sharply from a regular house cleaning. Not only do we deep clean the property and remove debris, we inspect every inch of the property to ensure that the building is safe. A remodel or addition isn’t complete until you know for a fact that the renovated space is safe for people to use.

There are a few general contractors that perform construction cleanup themselves, hiring a company that specializes in pre and post construction services will ensure a more thorough clean and inspection. You don’t want someone who will rush through the cleaning of the construction site. You will end up needing to clean the place yourself to make the space in keeping with your high standards. We clean every corner of the site until it shines. The cost of construction cleanup services depends on how large the construction site is and other factors, we will give you a fair price.

Cost Factors

There are a number of factors that affect the cost of pre + post construction services, including:
  • The size of the building
  • What cleaning supplies and equipment are needed
  • Location
  • The state of the property
  • The degree of cleaning you want performed

What Does Construction Cleanup Entail?

For a new build, the cleanup process has three stages: the deep interior cleanup, the final interior cleanup, and the exterior cleanup.

Deep Interior

During the deep interior cleanup, we do an intense preliminary cleaning before final components like flooring are installed. You want the space clean before the final touches are done on the construction project. The cleaning of the interior will include:

  • Dusting all surfaces
  • Washing windows
  • Sweeping and preparing floor underlayment for flooring installation

Final Interior

After the construction project is finished and everything is installed, we do a final, more thorough cleanup of the interior. The final interior cleanup could include the following:

  • Cleaning walls and removing scuff marks, dirt, and dust
  • Cleaning ceilings, ceiling fans, and light fixtures, removing dust and cobwebs
  • Cleaning trims, such as baseboards and window frames
  • Cleaning the doors
  • Washing, sweeping, and vacuuming floors
  • Waxing floors
  • Cleaning vents, duct, and heating exchanges
  • Removing trash, debris, stickers, etc.
  • Washing windows

Some rooms like kitchens and bathrooms will require extra cleaning. We’ll make sure appliances, countertops, tilework, cabinets, etc. are all clean.


During most construction projects, the exterior of the building also needs cleanup. You will likely have trash and debris that need to be removed. Exterior cleanup may include:

  • Remove garbage, lumber, and debris from property
  • Cleaning the exterior part of all doors and windows
  • Sweeping and washing patios and entry ways
  • Power washing paved surfaces like driveways
  • Dusting outdoor light fixtures
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